Snowgrass Winery, the first premium winery in the Entiat Valley of Washington State, is located on the Entiat River, a tributary of the Columbia, that flows from the Glacier Peak Wilderness.

Owners Alan Moen and Susan Kidd, both visual artists and writers, bought the property in 1999 and planted a vineyard the following year. The winery was licensed in 2008 and opened in the spring of 2009. Snowgrass specializes in the production of fully-bodied red wines and aromatic dry roses. All Snowgrass wines are unfiltered for maximum flavor.

The winery uses sustainable methods to grow grapes. Sheep graze in the vineyard and they, along with the goats and chickens, renew the soil.

During this time of social distancing due to the Corona virus, Snowgrass wines are available for pick-up at the winery at a 20% discount with an additional 10% discount for case sales. See current prices on the Our Wines page. Call ahead to schedule your pickup.


Entiat's Farmhouse Winery