Snowgrass Wines

All Snowgrass wines are handled as gently as possible - hand pressed, gravity racked with minimal additions of sulfites to prevent oxidation, and unfiltered for maximum flavor. Some natural sediment will form in the bottle over time. Older wines should be left upright for a day or two before serving and decanted as necessary.

Entiatqua 2008 

13.0 % alcohol by volume

Our signature single-vineyard Bordeaux-style wine is a 60% Cabrnet Sauvignon/ 40% Merlot blend from Ciel du Cheval vineyard, named for the Native American word for the Entiat River. Rich and well balanced, the wine is matured for over 30 months in French oak barrels before being bottled in June 2012. Enjoyable by itself or with a wide variety of meats and cheeses.

Menagerie Merlot 2015  13.5% alcohol by volume

Made from 100% merlot from the famous Ciel du Cheval vineyard on Red Mountain in the Yakima Valley, this is a bold but supple red wine with a deep ruby color, plum, figs, and blackcurrant fruit, a hint of chocolate and smooth tannins. A great choice with roast beef, veal, or roast chicken.

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Southdown Sangiovese 2015

13.5% alcohol by volume

This very intense and fruity wine from Red Mountain grapes, named for the Babydoll Southdown sheep that mow our vineyard, is lively and spicy, full-bodied and well balanced. It goes well with many red meats and cheeses such as aged cheddar, tomme and Gruyere.

Silver Falls Syrah 2008

13.8% alcohol by volume

A huge red wine made with Ciel du Cheval grapes, with blackberry fruit flavors balanced by ample acidity and potent alcohol. An excellent choice with wild game such as venison, leg of lamb, and hearty lentil stew.


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